Ok , I dial in my filters , I do not use a 0 and 5 method so your solution would be of little value to me.
I am looking for a power cord from the transformer to the head if any of you have an extra one.

btw the CLS 2000 is an awesome enlarger .
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Yes Bob, it is the 8x10 Durst with a CLS 2000 head. Dialing in filters at least twice twice for each work print is driving me crazy. To add to this, the CLS 2000 head dials don't move as easily and smootly as my CLS 450.

ic-racer suggested an elegant solution. Dial in maximum yellow and use the white light lever to actuate yellow filtration. Use the supplementary filter (with a magenta filter in place instead of the standard one) as the maximum magenta filtration independatly actuated with the supplementary filter lever.

As I now have time between semesters, I thought of trying to source a dichroic magenta filter the same size as the supplementary filter. I sent out several emails so far. What I've learned:

1) Edmond Optics does not custom cut dichroic filters (unless the order is for 50 pieces minimum)
2) The three filters in the CLS 2000 head measure 87 x 77 x 2mm. This is slightly smaller than the supplemtary filter at 87 x 83 x 2mm. This is important because one solution is to use the magenta filter of the CLS 2000 in the supplementary filter drawer.

As you say Bob, I can dial in the filtration. I can also make a filter holder for under the lens filters. This is what happens to me when I have time on my hands! I work hard to make my work easier