You will need to open the film cartridge and transfer it to a film processing tank in complete darkness. You can do this in a film change bag or use a blacked out bathroom/closet. After this the rest of the process is done with lights on. You will need film, developing chemicals and a sink. Processing can take about 25 minutes and another 30 minutes to hang your film to dry. Processing times will vary with temperature, film type and speed. You can process multiple rolls within the same time with larger tanks.
List of chemicals and are largely interchangeable with different brands and subject to personal preferences depending on the results you would like to get.
  1. B&W film of choice (TMAX 100 or others)
  2. B&W developer of choice (Xtol or others)
  3. Stop bath of choice (Kodak stop bath or others)
  4. Fixer of choice (Kodak fixer or others)
  5. Hypo of choice (Kodak or others)
  6. Photo-Flo of choice (Kodak or others)

Example of developing instructions in page 12 -> Kodak TMAX Developer
The whole procedure is probably available on youtube -> Episode 20, how to develop black and white film