Howdy Folks,

This is a gorgeous Mamiya 7II with 80mm and 65mm kit. I am the single owner. The kit comes with hoods, body cap, Mamiya neckstrap, and one Mamiya lens cap. Iíll throw in a push on cap. The camera has been extremely well maintained in the four years Iíve own it (note reg cards). Lenses always had filters and the battery was pulled when stored. There are no functional issues with anything here, lenses are free and clear, and the rangefinder feels brand new. The only wear mark comes on the 65 with a couple of nicks on the barrel (notes in photo). FYI, I am only selling this because I have an M4 and PlaubelÖsoÖmy lovers square becomes a triangle.

I am attempting to sell together for $2,200.00 + Shipping fees. I am shipping only in the CONUS. Iím more than happy to donate to APUG at the sale conclusion.

Please PM any questions and Iíll send more photos if needed, the five is tough.
Thanks for looking!