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Holy crap!! I've been searching for this for almost a year!!

I have a few unexposed rolls of agfacolor CN-17 (Negative Ultra K) and I have thus far shot one of the rolls and plan to shoot the rest. I've been searching for the CN-17 soup recipe to make my own because I was told that C-41 wouldn't work/potentially destroy the film... So what made you choose 20/20minutes?

Did you end up adjusting your final times from that?

Has there been any loss of image since?
Standard C41 at 38C will probably destroy the film, as the original process was run at 20C and almost twice higher temperature could harm the emulsion.
Agfacolor uses the same process as Orwo 5166 colour did, well the latter copied from the former of course. And as I have developed Orwo NC in 20C C41, I figured it could not go that wrong. 20min time is from various sources, notably PE comments on photo.net 10 years ago or so. Then again, some days ago I got carried away and forgot about the film running on Jobo and developed it for 37 minutes. Luckily without any ill effects, just a bit overdeveloped.
I use Tetenal 3-bath minilab chemistry with replenishing.

As long as you are scanning the film, crossprocessing looks fine to me. Trying to wet print could be tricky, have not tried it yet.

What kind of 'image loss' do you mean?