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impossible did not start from scratch, they had several people who work for them from the original polaroid, along with original materials, machines, etc. THey had a HUGE jump start. And even still, their stuff has basically sucked out loud up until now, and they had the balls to charge huge money for it even still. (and people bought it! WTF.) Expired TimeZero is/was a better choice. Not sure about the latest iteration of their stuff, maybe it's finally ready for prime time. They are good at marketeering, I'll give them that. But I have yet to see anything from them that's worth even half what they charge (e.g. the film). Hopefully soon though, I do want them to succeed (which means better product and lower prices).

The real crime is that Fuji discontinued FP100c45 and FP100B in general. Those were/are the best instant film product ever, I think.
I would say type 55 was the best, a usable negative AND an instant contact print!


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