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Yes, indeed. It is a very light metal donut that sets into the round area after you remove the Beseler condenser unit. You then can drop in the cold light. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

You may want to consider the RH Designs cold light control unit. It would be a huge upgrade from the Metrolux. May want to also grab a backup lamp/tube while they are still available. The 45VXL is a freaking tank. You would be good to go for a looong time.
I had the Metrolux with the sensor, it worked perfect. I only got the Stopclock Vario because I will end up using three of them in a workshop environment and want total consistency and support. While FStop printing is a great upgrade, I would not call the timer a huge upgrade over the Metrolux-II.

The spare bulbs that you can get are only D2-HI version which I have. If you print 4x5 like I do, you will have to even out the annoying falloff with the cold light in some way. I am going to experiment with using ND filter material this weekend...