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Thanks Richard for taking an interest in the Irish APUG section. The day was rather dull so I think we are all hoping for the best. You have some terrific work on your own site and Flickr including IR work which I enjoy using myself as well as several members of our group. Happy New Year to you and good luck with your photo shoots for 2013.

Thanks Vincent. Love Ireland though mostly through photographs I've seen since other than a short 5 days there in Dublin on business about 10 years ago have not had any chance to visit and photograph properly though I hope to one day. Did enjoy some great food, met some wonderful people, and had a number of pints though!

Appreciate the kind comments on my work, I just did some IR work on vacation in Maui last week that I will be working on soon, hoping for the best.

As for your day shooting maybe the weather was not ideal but the camaraderie is what I treasure too of such days and it sounds you did have good time anyway.

Happy New Year to you as well, all the best for 2013.