Oh dear Andy, what a waste of money.

Never mind, tart her up, take some nice snaps of it, hype the camera, shove it back on e-bay and you might even double your money from what I've seen.

Seriously though, what's going on.
I watched another going today for 56 quid plus 5 quid postage, I'd say that's clearly on the rich side. The best bit is it says reserve not met! So I had a look at some of the sellers other recent sales,

Canon T90 - 112 quid (reserve not met)
Canon A1 - 72 quid (reserve not met)
Canon AE1 - 39 quid (reserve not met)

Now he says if the item does not work he will accept it back, but he offers no guarantee, yet he's looking for dosh than many dealers are!

Still waiting to get my Canonet back from service, why am I wasting money on this junk?