hi ralph

i do that for ansco 130 ( formulary 130 ) paper developer because the formulary is
the only place to get glycin, and they sell it in a kit form ( the developer ). the mix, in stock solution
lasts for over a year, so i buy about 5 or 6 gallons at once and process film and paper in it.
its a great developer, and if it was sold in a can i would buy it in a heartbeat.
i originally bought it because i was told it was the same as gaf universal developer, something i used
years ago, that was left in a studio i rented. it was in the darkroom for 20 years before i got to it, and had
seen 20 harsh and no so harsh new england winters and summers ( was on the windowsill of a semi-open window )
i mixed it and used it full force one summer processed film and paper with it, and LOVED IT.
unfortunately gaf universal and ansco130 aren't the same thing but it didn't stop me from using it
i later learned the actual recipe for gaf universal, which is very similar to ansco130 just a teensy weensy bit different

i also mix raw chemicals for caffenol ( sumatranol ) c .. only cause it is easy to mix and things are at the local grocery store.
i took a leap of faith and bought a bunch of green coffee beans and now sell kits for sumatranol c, so if someone doesn't want to
deal with searching for the ingredients i can supply them

why do i use it? when mixed with a shake of ansco 130, i like it better than any other film developer i have tried .. beautiful grain, and tonality.
can't be beat, well it can be beat if you don't like that sort of thing