I used to mix my own Pyro because it was pretty cheap to mix from raw and I could just make as much as a needed. Shipping from the USA of the liquid form of this stuff put me over the edge for price, so this was the best. Also, I used it to make some D23 because many of the chemicals were the same and I always wanted to try that developer. But I haven't used these developers in a few years, so I stopped doing it. I would love to know what chemicals make a HC-110 replenisher for my 8x10 tank, but have yet to do the research. I found a formula for LPD paper developer and I was so excited that I could get the chemicals here in Canada, but when I got a quote for the equivalent of 3 cans, it was $42 as opposed to $24 at B&H, so I said forget it. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss.