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Amen! I think that's my real reason. I do like PC-TEA and Caffenol C, which are the main things I mix from scratch, but if I'm really honest with myself, I have to admit I'm doing it because I like the mad-scientist vibe.

PC-TEA is a winner of a developer, though, and seems to have declined in popularity here as compared to a couple of years ago. We need a new round of people taking it up. It's only slightly more complicated than D-23: (P)henidone 0.225 g, vitamin (C) 9 g, and (T)ri(E)ethanol(A)mine 100 ml. You need to heat up the TEA for the ascorbic acid to dissolve; I use a baby-bottle warmer (retired from its original use!). Use at 1+50, with starting dev times the same as for Xtol 1+2.

Agree with that for sure! PC-TEA to my eye gives all of the benefits of xtol without the issues with keeping properties.
I've long enjoyed mixing my own: film and paper developers, toners, it puts me closer to the process, science guy style.