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Happen to have that GAF universal developer formula? I have about 150 feet of 70mm GAF film and a pack of 4x5 GAF I would love to use their product on. I would also consider just buying it from you already made haha


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hey stone

it is pretty much the same as ansco 130 .. but i think it looses the hydroquinone i'll try to figure out where i stashed it.
to be honest, i never used it, since the 130 does such a nice job ...
if i can't find it, try mixing some 130, dilute it 1:10 use at 72F and process your film for about 6-7mins
its sort of contrasty so you might have to adjust your agitation scheme accordingly, so instead of 10sec/ 1 mins, you might do it every other min ..
but seeing the film is 20+ years old it might be a match made in heaven at normal agitation, the glycin, HQ and metol combination might help with your fog too
good luck !