I'm throwing this one out here for discussion in hopes I can gain some knowledge on the way PMK Pyro @ 1+2+100 works (generally speaking because my chemistry is limited at best).

I've noticed that recommended starting times don't vary a lot except in relation to film speed.

What I'm getting at is…
does PMK pretty much soak in and do it's thing to completion and lengthening the time would have little affect on contrast.
I'm sure it does have an effect but is it as dramatic as say a D76 or Xtol.

Also any thoughts on the ratios. I've seen a few different recommendations but have always stuck with 1+2+100 because basically I don't know what the ratio differences would do. I do know the part B is the metaborate so I assume this is to regulate the PH for some reason?
Is that a correct assumption?

Thanks for bearing with me on my limited chemistry and effects but this is the place to learn and believe me…I DO appreciate all help.

Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year's to All.