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That's why I was wondering if the 60mm would be a good all purpose lens for me and then use the 150mm when I need a bit tighter framing?

Otherwise the 50 definitely sounds like a fun lens, but I suppose it would make the most sense to buy a C version as my other two lenses are C type, unless I sold both and started over. But I should probably have my body and backs tuned up first
I have been using the 60/80/120 setup for years. Had a 50mm Distagon but it always seemed too wide for my taste. I like the 60mm perspective better so I sold the 50. The 120 S-Planar is amazingly sharp lens especially in the 6-25' range. It's likely the best lens I own.
If you come across a good deal on a 100mm Planar, I would recommend one. Use 60mm and 100mm and if you need longer, get a 150mm Sonnar.