Recently I posted a hello on the “Introduce Yourself” forum. I was lamenting my lack of a fully functioning darkroom.

Well, I finally brought the Beseler 23c over and set up some trays. I had no negative carrier, so I cut a couple out of card stock. Not pretty, but they worked. I didn't have a VC head, but I had some 3˝" square Beseler color filters which I could hold just under the enlarger lens. My lens is too short, but it's what I have: 75mm. The right hand elevation gear is about a third stripped. The enlarger timer is probably from the 50's—it's an analog job that I had to check against the ticking of a wall clock in order to get accurate exposure timing.

The whole setup is clunky.


I have prints!

These were printed on Fomaspeed Variant, all developed in 1:14 Ilford Multigrade. All were taken with a 50's vintage (I think) Zeiss Ikon Nettar:

Self Portrait No 1: Taken in my office, using an old, cheap, underpowered Britek umbrella set triggered by a Vivitar 283 on the shoe bouncing off the ceiling. Film is Holga 400, processed in Ilfosol 1:14.

Power Line: Taken in Lexington, KY. If I recall correctly, this was during the winter of 2006-2007.
Film is Fuji Neopan 400, processed in D-76.

Address Post: Taken on the same walkabout on the same roll as the prior image.

It was definitely fun—I think I spent about three hours or so making prints. I look forward to more.