Been quiet, but I've been following this in the background. The holidays have kept us busy this year but I have found some time to keep things moving along.

I've been thinking of TAI like going on blood pressure medication before you try diet and exercise!
Actually, I don't think that is the case. As you guys know, I have been fooling with controlling vAg and trying to get a handle on the process of a more controlled make. As the emulsion becomes more "precise", it also gets more touchy. I'd think about TAI more like a fuel additive to make your Porsche run better. One thing I am finding is that during digestion you go along taking 3 or 4 samples at 10 minute intervals with no fog and them all of a sudden "BAM" and there it is leaving you with a foggy emulsion you barely think you can use.

I haven't used TAI yet either, but I wonder if TAI gives you a chance to control the fog?

PE, you imply above that TAI could be added to an already fogged (as in over-digested) emulsion to salvage it to some extent? Is that correct?

TAI is a component of nearly every commercial (as in patents) formula I have read lately. Tani says we can use PMT or BZAT, too. He talks about PMT and TAI but doesn't say much about BZAT other than to say it can be used. BZAT has been of some help in D-76 to reduce fog but I have not tried adding it to the emulsion.

Guess I have to put TAI on my shopping list as well.

-- Jason