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Sounds like a problem with either the double-exposure prevention interlocks or the dark slide interlock.

If you have another insert, see if you can determine whether the problem is specific to one insert. Given the relatively low cost of used inserts, it is worthwhile to have a few.

It could very well be a problem with the dark slide.

Does switching the lever to multiple exposure allow you to advance the film?
I'm not sure as I haven't tried that. I only had one insert so trying another has not been an option yet. I did go ahead and buy another back and insert on flea-bay in "EXC++" shape so hopefully that will rectify the situation. I had read multiple reports of people who had dropped their insert and ended up with similar issues which is why I was leaning towards the insert being the issue. At any rate, I'll report back if the new insert alone fixes the issue while used in the original back.