Tmax-400 (TMY2) is acting weird again. It has an odd two-slope density-curve with both XTOL and D316. But all other films are behaving fine.
You might remember almost a year ago, that TMY2 was giving me thin results with both XTOL and home-brews. I discovered that presoaking improved density. That's still true (see graph below), but TMY2 is acting odd even with a presoak. Here are the curves:


XTOL and D316 (with presoak) are about the same, having two slopes with an inflexion at X=-1.3, and with slightly stronger highlights in D316. But not presoaking loses much density (green curve).
Other odd symptoms include:
  • The fixer used to pour out magenta. Now it's clear.
  • The early wash-water used to pour out magenta. Now it's clear.
  • The negatives have a strong magenta cast. Even washing for 30 minutes didn't help. Even warming some wash water to just over 20C didn't help.

The batch-number of TMY2 has changed. It's now 0167; for months it's been 0166.
For comparison, here's a roll of Tri-X developed two days later. It has a perfect near-straight-line curve:


All other films are behaving okay also. For example, here's a roll of FP4+ developed the same day as the Tri-X:


I'm reluctant to blame Kodak, but the batch-number has changed and suddenly these issues appeared. OTOH, it is winter, and my wash-water is cooler at 18C which could make it harder to clear the magenta dye. But that wouldn't reduce density. Or would it?

Mark Overton