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Okay, I'm in my worst European mood: honest, straightforward and without any sense of tact or political correctness.

About the site:
too many adds and pop-ups for our (ancient browser's) taste, I would rate this site as a ....

just kidding! It just seems to me it is hard to rate something as subjective as bokeh and assign values to lenses. Smells to me of driving prices of lenses up (or down) unnecessarily.

But: I miss bokeh tests for larger format lenses or old and obscure lenses.

The summicron bokeh pic lookes nice, but I wanna know which lens would do the same for me on the scale of let's say, a 2x3 or 4x5" lens - and I'm probably not alone either.

Or am I...? Hello hello ..... (echo) hello hello...

(.... 'orm, 'orm)