In Germany the situation quite good, I read somewhere (sorry, no source) that Germany always had the largest per capita consumption of positive film worldwide. There are pro-labs doing dip and dunk in all the large cities. Also we have the giant labs that service the mom and pop photo stores and drugstores, with a turnaround of less than a week. I personally drop off my films at my regular photo store, while they do c-41 in a minilab themselves, they send e-6 to Fuji. I pay 3 Euros ($3.96) per film (135/120), with a turnaround of 4 working days. Quality has always been perfect. The drug stores are even cheaper, however, I like the personal contact in my store that sends them off to fuji. 135 you can still order framed. Pro Labs are obviously pricier, I attached a current price-list of a local one I sometimes use for important stuff. ("Kleinbild" means 135, SW=BW, prices are in Euro and include 19% VAT)

Kind regards from Germany.