Tonight I developed a roll of Tri-X, and…well… it didn't feel right between my fingers—it felt like it was mangled. I'm new to all of this, but I've spooled all of my rolls successfully in the past, and I've gotten used to how it's supposed to feel.

Once I took it off of the reel, I found out it is mangled! The sprocket holes are crimped on themselves for ~3-4 frames, a few of the frames have dark spots where the developer never made contact with it, and some of the first inch or so looks like someone crumpled it up. It looks like it was chewed up by a machine. Luckily, most (85%) of the roll came out fine (in fact, it looks like my best roll yet), but I'm a little annoyed. I can't imagine how my camera could've mangled the film this badly (especially the sprocket hole crimps—those look like they could only be caused by heavy machinery), and I certainly didn't mangle it that badly getting it onto the reel.

Have any of you had this problem with Tri-X? Is it more likely that my camera chewed up my film? Should I complain? (I love Kodak, so I don't want to complain. (; )