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In Germany the situation quite good, I read somewhere (sorry, no source) that Germany always had the largest per capita consumption of positive film worldwide. There are pro-labs doing dip and dunk in all the large cities. Also we have the giant labs that service the mom and pop photo stores and drugstores, with a turnaround of less than a week. I personally drop off my films at my regular photo store, while they do c-41 in a minilab themselves, they send e-6 to Fuji. I pay 3 Euros ($3.96) per film (135/120), with a turnaround of 4 working days. Quality has always been perfect. The drug stores are even cheaper, however, I like the personal contact in my store that sends them off to fuji. 135 you can still order framed. Pro Labs are obviously pricier, I attached a current price-list of a local one I sometimes use for important stuff. ("Kleinbild" means 135, SW=BW, prices are in Euro and include 19% VAT)

Kind regards from Germany.
$4! That's so cheap!! I would stop home processing E-6 if it were that cheap here...

Also, question, are the slide mounts that were discontinued paper or plastic? When I was visiting Dwayne's Photo in 2010 the son told me they they has considered using the plastic slides "like everybody else" but decided they prefer the paper and were sticking to that.

So I'm curious whether they are going to have an issue or not.


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