As an art student I can tell you all art is expensive. Last year in figure drawing I paid around $8 for a sheet of 22 x 30 paper. Not to mention having to constantly replace charcoal. Painting is even more expensive. I've seen $80 brushes. Not to mention the cost of paint at up to $20 for a medium sized tube. Actually, since I buy Arista EDU film, photography is one of the least expensive mediums I work with. But keeping my darkroom running does add up. For those who complain of expense, get over it. I wouldn't mind higher prices, especially if it allowed the manufacturer to make a profit and keep goin
Not all art is expensive if you have talent. My boss had an old friend , a true Ottoman Gentleman who prefers to drink coffee.
When he finished it , he was taking a small brush and paint most wonderful istanbul seaside pictures I have ever seen.
Drawing and painting does not require expensive papers or paints , even tea works as your paint.
Many painters paint on thick small notebooks , its enough. The important think is to trust yourself , work carefully and do your best. I saw excellent drawings done with pencil and thin cheap paper.
If you start art with most expensive carrara marble and try to create michelangelo , I advise you to find few dimes and carve hobo nickel with cheap swiss knife or nail. In my eye , they are better.