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Lose the prism and find a waistlevel finder and use a lightmeter. This will cut the weight.
The coupled meter was my big reason for getting this camera, though. I've got meterless MF cameras with which I'm delighted, but the extra step of transferring the readings becomes a big deal when you're chasing after a small child, which I spend a lot of my time doing---as a result I shoot more 35mm slides than I like, and the idea is to try to get broadly similar handling in an MF camera. The grip might help, and in the end I'll just get used to the weight.

I didn't know about the focus handle. It looks like there's one at KEH, if I have the right thing---it says "quick focus handle", and looks like it clamps around the lens and provides a lever that sticks out to the side. At seven bucks it seems clearly worth it. I've gotten used to the little focus tabs that a lot of 35mm RF lenses have, and it seems like the handle may have a similar feel.

Even in a quick-and-dirty scan, I'm really impressed with this camera. Attached is my annual photo of a dying pumpkin vine, handheld at 1/125. I actually tried a (very careful) handheld shot at 1/30 and it was surprisingly acceptable; I don't expect to be able to reproduce *that* very often, but my guess is that 1/60 ought to be OK.