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As Ian says it all depends on the packaging. I believe that Kodak's is the best in this respect. I wish they still used metal cans. I have some film developer that is government surplus from WWII which looks like it was made yesterday! It is sealed under nitrogen.
So my can of Dektol on the chemical shelf is not just for decoration?

I was given a partial carton of paper/foil laminate bags of Dektol when a company I worked for stopped using the "Headliner". This was in 1984, they were old at the time and I still have a few of these bags left. When it's time to make up a batch I occasionally reach for one of the old bags and mix it up. For years the bags were good as new but lately about half the bags mix up dark brown like a rich cup of coffee. Then I dump it and reach for a fresh bag.

But if it's caramel-colored, I'll use it.