To each his own on the reels, I use stainless and always have, but they do take a bit of practice. Use a no good roll of film (before or after development) for practice. As Bill and DWThomas say, you have to master the first entry onto the reel. There are many different kinds of SS reels, with different "catches" at the beginning. The simplest and best in my opinion were the original Nikkor reels, no clip, just one open side at the core, but these are hard to come by. The ones with clips and springs can be tricky. One thing to remember - once the film is kinked at the beginning point, it is very difficult to continue, might as well cut a clean edge and start again.
Also, if the two spirals are not parallel in plane to each other, or bent in any way (can happen from dropping the reels), you will have problems. If you can push-pull the film as you load, you are probably on right. Also, I find it best to move (rotate) the reel when loading and keep the hand holding the film stationary.