I haven't developed C41 in about a year, and back then I used the large size Rollei kit. It worked very well for me, so long as substituted the Kodak final rinse. It is not as economical to buy 4 mini kits (which is all Freestyle has right now), and I need to fill an 8-reel SS tank. I am not looking for Arista/Tetenal/Unicolor or anything that uses a blix rather separate bleach and fix, and I'm phobic about buying hundreds of dollars of high-volume Kodak concentrates that may go bad before I use them.

I've searched the forums (and Kodak's PDFs) about the Flexicolor SM F1 + F2 kits, and haven't found much definitive hands-on information regarding volume and shelf life. How much concentrate is there, and how long will they keep (unmixed)? Together they are about $100 and supposedly can run 200-ish rolls before the F2 part needs to be replaced (am I reading that right???).

What other solutions to this problem have you guys come up with? I REALLY want something simple, although that is starting to seem difficult. Any US-based source for the medium or large Rollei kits?