For Sale is one Calumet 10x10 Enlarger and New in Box, never used or installed Aristo VCL 8100 Variable Contrast Cold Light head and controller in original shipping box.

For Sale-$1,500
  • Calumet 10x10 Enlarger- 90.5" x 37" x 30" (size without table)
  • Aristo VCL 8100 variable contrast cold light head with solid state controller.
  • Negative Carrier for 8x10
  • One Sheet of Anti Newton Glass
  • 2-Lens Boards (Calumet C-1 style)
  • White Laminate table top with Black Rubber edging. Mounting holes on bottom (not for this enlarger) - 43.25" x 35.5" x 1"

The Calumet 10 x 10 Enlarger is a beast. Very large, very solid enlarger, but operationally it is all very smooth and easy to use. The column is a thick 5" x 7" steel column weighing in at 110 pounds. The head and table base are geared and controlled by large cranks for easy raising and lowering. 3 options for focus. A large geared crank for the coarse focus with a smaller knob for fine focus as well as a chain driven fine focus. You can work the chain back and forth in each hand while you look through your focus magnifier for critical focus. The bellows is supple and free of cracks or noticeable wear. Everything works as it should and there seems to be no parts missing except the original negative carrier (replacement included) and the original light source.

After much thought, this enlarger could be used as is with the base or mounted to the wall without base and some custom made brackets. With further modifications to the negative carrier, I would imagine you could also just mount the column horizontally for extreme enlargements.

The 8x10 Negative Carrier looks to be well made out of sheet aluminum, hinged on one side. Brackets for glass on both sides, but one side is missing. I will include a sheet of Anti Newton Ring glass (not cut to size) or you could modify to your preferences.

Working condition of everything is mostly very good considering its age, but noticed flaws below:
  • Lens stage has been modified by moving it away from column about an inch. Looks like metal plate can be removed and repositioned.
  • Most of the steel bolts and other raw steel surfaces have surface rust from storage. Nothing that couldn't be removed with a little naval jelly and a scotch brite pad.
  • Negative carrier is missing one piece of glass ( Anti Newton Ring Glass to be fitted by buyer will be supplied )
  • Negative carrier glass clips, screws and hinge have surface rust. Nothing that couldn't be removed with a little naval jelly and a scotch brite pad.
  • Leveling feet on base need to be replaced
  • Table top is not original and would need to be notched to fit around column if desired.
  • Large counterweight that fits inside column would be overkill for this lighter cold light head. You could use without counterweight or cut down weight. Counterweight is ~ 5" x 2.5" x 48" of solid steel. I have not weighed it yet...but using a weight calculator, it came out to 170lbs-!

Cosmetic Condition of this enlarger, I would consider it a 5. It is old and beat up looking, but nothing that would affect performance or durability. Please don't hesitate to contact if you would like more detailed photo of any part of enlarger or head.

The Aristo VCL 8100 (10 x 10) is brand new, never used and only removed from the packaging to photograph for this sale. It would need some easy fabrication to mount permanently, or it could actually just sit on top of the negative stage and gaffer taped around the perimeter to prevent light leaks. Controller controls the contrast on variable contrast papers and you can dial from 0-5 in .1 increments. Works with any timer as relay is built into controller.

LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY or would deliver within Chicago Metro area. If you require shipping, I will help you coordinate crating and shipping, but I can not quote prices. Below are approximate sizes and weights to help your shipper estimate crating and delivery. The cold light head is UPS shippable.

Head Assembly: 29" x 25" x 25" - 70lbs
Column: 90' x 7" x 5" - 110lbs
Geared Table Stage: 35" x 16" x 14" - 35lbs
Table Surface: 44" x 36" x 1" - 40lbs
Base: 37" x 29" x 12" - 60lbs
Solid Steel Counterweight: 5" x 2.5" x 48" ~170lbs