11/27 in so far.

Sorry for the tardy responses to the postcards that have been arriving. Things about Oxley Road have been far more hectic this last part of the year, a lot more so than is normally the case.

Anyway to the postcards for which I have to say thankyou to each of you for.

Jim17x - Speedy. Speedly looks like he is loaded and ready to go off on the next news story.
jimo - Beer Can Building. This building just dominates the sky line, I bet that was just what the owners wanted.
Jenni - Lady. Such a light (thin) paper and it survived the postal services perfectly intact. Very soft image, seems to draw you in
Christopher Coy - Musician. I like the angle you have captured the musician from
kraker - Knobs and Knockers. I like the framing of this postacrd. There was a shop with the same name near where I live here in Melbourne, it closed down only a year ago.
mooseontheloose - December Morning. I would never have contemplated using Delta3200 in the snow, but this is just beautiful.
??? - Three Chairs. Isn't it great the way someone's unwanted item finds good use with someone else. You know what I did something similar about 20 years ago while on holidays in Turkey. I bought about 25 cards, put stamps on all of them and addressed them all up, nad then immediately posted them. At that instant realising I had written nothing on them. A week later I resent postcards to the same people.
rince - Life in the Dark. I cannot beleive the detail here in this postcard. I can almost touch the mushrooms.
George Nova Scotia - Tree. Looks like the tree is in a deep dark area of the forest.
mjs - Skin Tight. Damn how would the ladies get into those pants...
drpsilver - Happiness is a way of life. I like this photo a lot.

Happy new year to everyone, and I am definitely a starter in Round 28!