Thanks guys for your help.

So, something interesting just came up. If anyone can help within the next little while, that'd be great. I've watched these Hexar's for a while at various places only to see them snatched up, so I want to decide quick before someone snatches another one up.

All along I'd been looking at the one listed on KEH. I'm new to ordering from the States, so I naturally e-mailed them a few questions. The condition is EX+ and for $499.99, which is cheaper than other places I've seen it, particularly for such good condition. This is where I was planning on buying from.

However, if I were to order from one of the big U.S. retailers with used stock, I always would have preferred using B&H, who can calculate everything - duties, etc. - right up front so you don't get smacked with hidden fees. For the longest time, they never had anything, then more recently they got a Hexar RF in stock. I just decided to check, just in case, if B&H had anything today. As luck would have it, they do. It too is a Silver model. It is cheaper, at $489.95 and it includes the flash kit. The only thing is that it's rating is 8+, which is still high but not as high as the one on KEH's website.

So what are peoples experiences with eithers rating system? Should I just go ahead with the B&H one, which is cheaper, includes more, and still has a pretty damn good rating or would KEH work out better for me?

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I'm not sure about the auto date back but I believe that you can just press the mode button a number of times it'll turn off the imprinting. Otherwise, I've been using the Hexar extensively for a while, and once you acclimate to the controls it's quite easy to operate. It gets a bit fussy from time to time but I find that's only the case in extremely close range.
Yeah, that's what I read for the Black versions that had auto date, but wasn't sure if it'd be the same for the Silver version. I don't really care so long as the date imprint doesn't go on the frame, that is what I was worried about.