I normally eschew the "what camera shall I buy?" type of thread, but I find myself going round in circles at the moment and feel the need to vent and perhaps get some good advice back as a result.

My 10-at-a-fleamarket Adox Golf 45 has left me rather smitten with MF, but I have to glue up the pinholes in the bellows before every time I load it, and it hasn't got a proper VF ... accordingly, I want a "better" camera - something more mechanically reliable, a little faster lens-wise (2.8 would be a delight) and a viewfinder that lets me compose properly. 6x6 is what I like, though 6x7 isn't entirely out of the question.

One of the beauties of the Golf, of course, is that it is tiny and fits in a pocket. I prefer to travel light, and that precludes the use of tripods. I also prefer to shoot handheld, in available light only and outdoors (and often in situations where 1/10s wouldn't be unusual). I don't mind scale focus (I have a natty little Voigtlander accessory rangefinder )

Accordingly, I've looked (online) at various options. I have some conclusions, but am no further forward with getting to a decision about what to do next.

I simply can't afford the ideal solution, which would be a Mamiya 6. A Cosina/Fuji 670 also out of the question.

I'd rather like a WLF (I don't want to use a prism), but I am averse to TLRs and a 645 would leave me stuck with landscape format. That pretty much leaves a 500CM + 80/2.8 or SQ-A as options. The former is just about affordable at around 500 (if I shut my eyes and do a lot of pseudo-rationalisation). However they are bulky heavy beasts (I could probably get over that) and allegedly hard to handhold much under 1/125s (which I would find harder to get over) ...

Otherwise, the main alternative option would seem to be one of the myriad 1950s folders that can be got for anything between 10 and 150. My difficulty with this is that it seems to me that these ageing cameras will likely be suffering the same ailments as the Adox - pinholes that need running repairs and slow shutters. I'm not a "handyman" and I don't have skills or a workshop to sort these things out, and professional repairs and refurbs will probably be disproportionate to the monetary value of any such camera ...

Any US-based people who choose to chip in might want to remember that we have no equivalent of KEH (or their pricing) in the UK - cameras are significantly more expensive over here, and buying from outside the EU pushes costs up significantly once carriage and VAT/Import tax are taken into account.

Anyway ... I'm stuck at this point. So I'll go and watch another repeat of Mock the Week on Dave and then head to bed.