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When you are making huge batches and you are running continuously, and if you are rich enough to scrap a marginal batch, well then, things are nearly perfect. It appears as if things are not near perfect.
Of course, this assumes that Marks process and data are spot on.
I re-checked my records. I developed a roll of Neopan 400 two days before the TMY2 rolls, and one day after. Both Neopan rolls came out fine. Here's the graph of the day-after Neopan roll:


I've improved my methods to eliminate some wobbles in earlier graphs. Here's a graph of batch 0166 of TMY2:


This one has wobbles, but you can see that it's roughly a straight line, unlike the latest TMY2 (batch 0167).
What do you think of these graphs I've been posting lately? Do they look like what you'd expect?

Mark Overton