Down there at the low end, you might find a Nettar to be a significant upgrade from the Golf. It won't address all the points you raise (e.g., lens speed; you might find one in f/3.5, but 4.5 is more likely), but they're common, inexpensive, and *very* robust. The non-Super Ikontas are similar cameras with better lenses and higher prices. I'm not sure if any folder's viewfinder will really be satisfactory when compared to a decent WLF, though.

I believe Juergen Kreckel ("certo6") ships internationally (but I don't know how VAT works with private-individual transactions; perhaps it isn't prohibitive in the folder price range), and in any case his web site ( is a good source of folder information. (Disclaimer: No connection other than having had him do a bellows replacement once.)

One more oddball possibility---though I don't know how available they are outside the US and Japan---would be Fuji's monstrous 6x9 rangefinders. They're gigantic, but I think lighter than a typical 6x6 SLR, and should be more handholdable due to having no mirror slap.