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I think hoarding film is natural as we all want to keep shooting as long as we can. But we are missing the point: PROPAGANDA. Kodak needs change its marketing strategy. When digital cameras first came into market Kodak simply gave up the fight, assuming film was doomed. If they have marketed the benefits of using films they would be much better now.

Cīmon!! There are companies selling CIGARETTE!! It smells bad and gives cancer and even so with good propaganda they sell cigarettes.

It is not too late for a change.
This made me laugh, because it's a good point, but at the same time, I wonder what the state of cigarettes as we know them would be if a truly non-toxic kind was available. If it had nicotine-like effects (to the point where only aficionados could tell, as is the case for the most part with film vs. digital these days) and none of the health drawbacks, would anyone still buy traditional cigarettes? I'm sure some would, but assuming a reasonable price for the non-toxic kind, I'm not sure how well sales would hold up.