It's not that I don't consider TLRs to be "serious" - far from it - but they're sort of "not my thing".
But you are quite right, Ian, I must try one again, as the last time I handled one was probably 40 years ago.

One difficulty these days is that I find it hard to lay hands on anything. One can find plenty of pictures and information on the internet, but down here in the sticks in North Dorset at least, finding film cameras "in the flesh" is hard work. The chap from whom I bought the Adox is a member of the local camera club - and he is the only member who has any film equipment at all.

ffordes, Mifsuds and Aperture are indeed places I've been looking, by the way - it's where I got my ideas of prices from. It's not necessary to forget LCE, but they are rather lower down the food chain these days. MW Classic seem to have interesting items from time to time too.

This is a bit of a "wet day" thread isn't it? If the weather wasn't so vile I'd be outdoors taking pictures with cameras I do own rather than thinking about ones I don't