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As for home development....an interesting point. I actually have an enlarger (Ilford 400HS multigrade head) with a fantastic Apo Rodenstock lens. I have some dev tanks, red lights, etc etc and have, in the past, produced some prints with it and I really enjoyed it....the only problem is somewhere to do it now, since our kids came along and occupied the room I used to do it in! In addition, I don't have a room that I can sufficiently darken (I have tried in one room but it was always a major hassle to get it dark enough) and, in the past, despite practising, I screwed up quite a few rolls of film with photos I had hoped were going to be good. Based on my failures, I thought "Oh well....I'll just send to the lab - it's easier and at least I won't screw up my films" and then any "keepers" from the proof sets I'll send off back to the lab to be hand printed.

I know the next suggestion will be to buy one of those little tents to do the film tank loading etc, but I still need somewhere to do the printing. And then there's the frequency...developer goes off once opened of course, after a few months (if kept in an airtight thing). I don't do enough photography, really, to use up the liquids I buy in time before they go off. 8 months ago I poured 5 litres of developer away that had gone brown and manky 6 months beyond it's use by.

Start a new thread. I can give you encouraging news! And I am sure there are many other voices who can join in to tell how to run a makeshift darkroom.

You can load film onto reels and put in tanks in a "changing bag", you don't "need" a full-on tent.

All the bedrooms in my home are occupied. So my current darkroom is in the garage. Don't know if you have one. Dusty as it is, it works. I've had darkrooms in the closet under the stairs. The back bathroom of dad's apartment. The basement of an ancient house. Once built a stunning darkroom with a huge ventilation fan in the corner of a bedroom with one bed set along outside the tray wall and the other bed set along the Byzantine light trap.

The one-gallon batches of Dektol decant nicely into four "quart" plastic bottles. In my experience, the sealed bottles last far, far past the manufacturer's recommendation. A quart is good enough for a "session".

You only need to work at night in most cases, when you can't darken the room enough. The proper safelight is a dull amber (not red). You might start out with small packs of paper (10-sheets) in case you fear your darkroom isn't dark enough... you won't ruin a fortune.