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But why failed Topcon at the market, compared to Nikon and Canon?
That the Canoflex failed is generally stated to be due some lacks in construction in connection with bad marketing of the US import-agent, thus enabling Nikon to get ahead.
As I recall the Navy did not have good luck with Topcon, did not hold up well, the lens lineup was good but more limited than Nikon or Canon. This is rumor, Topcon used the Exakta mount with a small rear apatutre which made, making fast lens more expensive. When I was in the Air Force I attended a conferance with several Navy Photo mates, all they did was complain was Topcon. The story they told (dont know how stock to put in the story) was that Bessler was marketing Topcon and someone in procurment thought that Topcon was made in the US and there was a law in the 70s that gave US made product a peferance. By the late 70s the Navy had moved to the Canon F1, while the AF and Army stayed with Nikon. I also think that making several differnt mounts did not help.