I've not done any "real" photography, nor posted here, in three years. But I started thinking about doing some color neg, which had become my combo color/B&W media. One size fits anything I want to do. I used to take my C-41 to Wolfe Camera, or Walgreens, or my kitchen sink and then scan the negs. Wolfe closed a month ago, and Walgreens and CVS now do C-41 off site with a five day turn around!

I've putzed with C-41 processing for years, but my controls weren't fine enough for consistent quality. Just for fun, never important stuff. But this one shot process gives me hope for many reasons. Obviously, the lower temperature and longer development times give more time/temp tolerance. But I'm also intrigued with more accurate one shot processing vs. "rolls per" with more time. Your observations about bromide accumulation is brilliant and probably correct.

One of the things many have us have loved about B&W is that we can play with such materials over a wide exposure and development times for different results. It sounds like such traditional variables are in hand with C-41 with your system. That severe under exposure with push processing sounds yummy!

I will be doing a cut and paste of your hard work and keeping it in a document format on my hard drive.

re PET bottles. You may want to reconsider using PET. There have been many discussion on this board over the years about oxygen permeability with PET. I have observed that factory filled water or soda bottles that I never got around to using start collapsing after a year as water molecules inside osmote to the atmosphere. Maybe oxygen isn't moving the other way, but why take a chance?

Thanks for giving me hope!