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Anyone own both? Do you have both in the bag when out shooting? I have the GA645 and I constantly wonder if I would be happier with the wide version. But then I dont want to give up the one I have now.
I say buy it if you think you will like the wide angle. I own both, though I never take them both out at the same time. Usually I will just choose one and live with that choice for the duration of whatever I'm taking the camera to. More often than not I find myself happy with the regular GA645 however I did take a trip to New York a few years ago where having the wide version was incredibly nice. Getting all those tall buildings into the frame was incredibly cool.

And I agree the new GF670 models are crazy in price. I own the regular one that I bought under the Fuji brand used for less than a $1,000 but I have not seen one priced that low since. At $3,000 for the wide version I consider that wicked expensive (though I will admit I do want one...).