Forget it, best advice is to make flypaper from it.

You can successfully get color neg images using C-41 kit at home, plus manual removal of the anti-halation layer. But no telling how the colors will curve out. I've done it, just for fun.

The problem is, what's next? It is a low contrast film intended to be "printed" onto a high contrast reversal material. Kodak's Vericolor 5022, IIRC, was a low volume film that would do that. Kodak also had a number of different "print" films over the years to make the movies.

Being low contrast, prints never came out very well. I had this done, with slides, for years from Identicolor in North Hollywood. Ditto RGB color, and they would make the "print" slides from any C-41 film very nice.

Maybe you could scan the negs into something usable, but the flypaper advice is still the best.

Bottom line, why bother?