hi there

welcome to apug !

what lens do you like using with your 35mm for the photography you do?
if you multiply by 3 you can get an approximate FL for 4x5 ...

sometimes older wollensak and ilex and kodak lenses go for a song and a dance
and they can create images just as beautiful as modern day lenses that cost 1500$

color? b/w ? do you like pictorialism ?
if you like older lenses, and want to practice with paper negatives, you might consider getting
one of reinhold's wollaston lenses. they are a barrel, but he sells waterhouse stops with them
and stopped down they can be sharpish and opener they are soft. they are worth their weight in gold !
paper negatives can be made by trimming a bit of the edge off of a sheet of photo paper and exposing it
in a film holder at around iso 6ish ( or depending on the paper maybe even iso 24 )
it is just processed in a tray ...

good luck !