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The thing is, the Edixa of 1954 was the first to use the layout that Pentax copied. Here is a 1955 Edixa Reflex:

It only lacked the rewind crank. It has been repeated ad infinitum that the Pentax was the first to combine right hand lever wind, pentaprism viewing, center tripod socket and bottom rewind button... but that's obviously not true. Asahi basically took the Edixa design and added their previously invented mirror return system (which was itself modified from the pre-war Praktiflex).
According to Pentax history, Pentax came from Pentacon and Contax and was the source of their pentaprism design and not Edixa.

The original Asahi Pentax did in fact incorporate all those features + rewind crank and the more important instant return mirror first. All these features were incorporated into all successful cameras thereafter.

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