I put in my 0,02.

The best camera is the one you take with you
With that out of the way. The best camera I've ever used, period, is the Minolta Dynax 9 (a.k.a. Maxxum 9) - it is very intuitive and fast. It is better then the Minolta Dynax 7 or the Canon EOS 1v (did I hear somebody say blasphemy?).
I do like my Minolta XD-5 and XD-11, but I don't expect them to be really better then good offerings by other manufacturers of the same era (late '70's, early 80's) - but never tried those, so I can nominate them for best manual focus camera

But seeing you already own Canon, I would go Canon. The EOS 1v, EOS 1n and EOS 3 are great cameras, however, their user-interface is something you've gotta learn (unlike the Dynax 9) and they're big and heavy (just like the Dynax 9). I don't like the Canon EOS 30/33 (Elan 7), on paper it seems to be the best choice, but I seem to prefer the EOS 50E (Elan II) - the handling is much nicer and it feels much more sturdy. It has a cross AF sensor, I find that important. The only downside imho is that it lacks a dedicated stop-down button!

Of the (even) more consumer oriented cameras, the EOS 3000v (Rebel K2) seems a nice buy, I can't find many differences between it and the more expensive EOS 300v (Rebel Ti). Stay clear of the EOS 3000n (Rebel XS N) as it is a heap of plastic junk. Consider the Canon EOS 300 (Rebel 2000), as it is a good camera. Stay clear of the 28-80/3.5-5.6 II lens, as it is the worst thing ever put on a camera - get a 50/1.8 or, even better, the new 40/2.8 to go with that film camera!

Of course this is all too late, but hey, I thought I give you my opinion