First, a very happy, healthy New Year to my fellow MSA members. May 2013 treat you all with kindness and compassion.
Now to the task at hand; selection of the winner of the Sunrises competition.
As I predicted, there were many worthy entries and picking only one was difficult. We had Bertus, who entered 5 images, both stunning color and outstanding B&W, adelorenzo gave us Purple Sunrise over Grey Mountain, a very intense rendering of the topic. These were followed by Mopar Guy's most elegant B&W November Sunrise, Stone NYC's Sunset (could have fooled me!) and Jim17x "A not so pretty sunrise" which was actually a quite dramatic interpretation of the topic.
Rounding out the entries were Kav and Axle, both with dazzling color portrayals. Lastly, Nsouto added an impressive six (!) submissions and it was here I found my winner. I believe "God's Fingers" to be a truly beautiful image, captured at just the right moment. The tree branch in the foreground gives depth and drama to a breathtaking sea and clouds photo. I wish I could have actually been there to view this outstanding sunrise, but will have to settle for this amazing print.
So Noons, the torch is passed to your capable hands, and we will await your choice for the first two months of 2013! I'm sure it will be both challenging and fun!
Great thanks to all who participated.
barbara ann