As I said before, I'm gonna use my “Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 1:8/121 #7481057 in working shutter” lens.
I just found out that this lens is made in February 1961 !!
It is much older than I thought. Even six years older than I am: I'm born on February 14th, 1967.
This lens was originally designed for 18x24 cm (about 7x9.5 inch) but I have seen reports from people stating they could get coverage for 8x10 inch without vignetted corners (stopped down and without movement I guess).
I'm gonna try to find a lens board to fit it in and test it. Haven't done that before (I'm new to this kind of LF lenses). I also need some kind of ring to lock the lens onto the board, I guess ....