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you might have had some sort of hasselblad film in there without knowing it ?
i've used lomo film in my leica, and the photographs look kind of low-fi.
aside from that, i am not sure how you got such nice photographs out of your mamiya's,
were you thinking about using a hasselblad, or wishing you had one ?
i have sometimes thought of the wrong things while makingexposures ...
like warm summer days when it was cold and wintery, or the french countryside while photographing
in some sort of new england rust belt town / city, and when the film was processed it was
as if it was shot on vacation somewhere else ... maybe that is what was going on ?

whatever it is, its nice work, and goes to show that you don't need a hassleblad to make good photographs
It was certainly cold as windy, perhaps a Hassleblad isn't so much a camera but a way if being that is often brought out by that camera but does t require that camera.

And honesty if you have seen enough of my posts I always comment that a Hassleblad is a foolish purchase when a Mamiya is just as good at 1/4 the price.

Also I don't think they are great exposures by any means, just wanted to put examples up and that's all I had on hand in my phones photo library at the time.


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