In a GAS attack in 2010 I picked up a 124G. I haven't done a lot with it, but have been pretty pleased with the results. The light meter is not operating, although some of that may be dirt in the contacts that switch it on when the WLF hood is opened (when I first got it, it would intermittently wiggle the needle as that lid was moved). Using a separate meter is easy enough, and I own several so I don't see that as a problem. Maybe one of these days I'll open it up -- it's on my exponentially growing do-list.

I use a Bronica SQ-A for my "most serious" work, but the Yashica is a fun change. Generic TLR advantages seem to be occasionally drawing some friendly attention from bystanders and being less intimidating to subjects. My latest use was probably the biggest advantage -- having separate viewfinder and film optical path permits using opaque infrared filters without having to pop them on and off to compose and focus. The only other TLR I can compare it to is a Flexaret III, a circa 1950 TLR I own that feels pretty fragile in the winding crank section (and needs at least a homegrown CLA).

I wouldn't mind a recent Rollei if someone insists on giving it to me, but I tend to be pragmatic (AKA 'cheap').