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Hi Todd,

My first medium format camera was a 124G, bought new, and I got some really good photos with it. Very easy to use. However, if you ever pick up a Rolleiflex, you'll realise why they are so cheap: the Rolleis are just so well built, but for the money, a good one will be a good entry to MF.

The thing is to buy one and enjoy it without worrying too much!

I totally agree with the build quality of Yashicamats compared to Rolleiflex acmeras, I have both. In my case the value of my Rollei is about ten times that of my Yashica.

As I write I'm in the middle of cutting mats for an exhibition set of 50+ images, these are a mix of of prints from 6x6, 6x17, 5x4 & 10x8 negatives, and the 6x6 are either from my Rolleiflex (UK) or Yashicamat 124 (Turkey). The prints from the Yashicamat 124 negatives don't lack anything i terms of quality and unless I told someone they'd have no idea which camera was used, and that's all that really matters.

I treat myRolleiflex preciously, because it's mint despite being about 50 years old, but my Yashicamat vame with dings and wear so is very much a user camera so as you say I can use it without worrying too much.