I'm going to back to some prints I made last year (well, 2011) that had better contrast. I rescanned two of them tonight (side by side) using my current workflow, to reduce or eliminate the scanning variable. (I placed the print I posted previously in the background for comparison.)


Print #1
enlarger exposure: f/11 for 5 sec
filtration: none
paper: Ilford RC Pearl Gr. 2
developer: Ilford PQ 1+9 60 sec.

Print #2
enlarger exposure: f/8 for 6 sec
filtration: Ilford multigrade #1 filter
paper: Ilford MG Pearl
developer: Ilford PQ 1+9 60 sec.

I made #1 first and decided it was too contrasty. For #2, I switched to MG paper and added a filter; I thought it looked better.

Both #1 and #2 were made on my Omega B600 condenser enlarger -- not on the Omega C760 with dichro head that I'm currently using.

I'm a little nervous about sending my negatives out, but to compare, I scanned them side by side. The top negative was made with the Olympus XA4, the bottom with the Yashica T5 with on-camera flash. Both are Kodak Tri-X 400 developed in D76 1:1 at 68F for 9:45.


(Thanks again everyone. Your patience and good advice prompted to me to renew my membership -- something I would have done anyway, but it's good to be reminded why this community is so valuable. Happy New Year to all...)