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The time/temp was obviously a finger error. You must have missed my response to another poster.

Today I looked at many C-41 chemistries, Unicolor powdered, Arista (Unicolor liquid I figured out), Rollei, Tetenal Rapid, and (hold on, rodeo fans) Flexicolor. Holy moly. What a mish mosh.

What Flexicolor products are you using and where are you getting them from? And how are you calculating dilution and rolls per quart/liter?

The closest thing I can see for an amateur user are the Flexicolor SM F1 an F2 kits. With lots of inter-googling I did find that one kit of F1 and F2 would process 240 (??) 24 exposure rolls. Since each kit seems to be available for $30-40, this would be outstanding on a cost per roll basis.

What say you?
Wait you are saying there are C-41 kits that let you prices over 200 rolls for $30-$40??? Am I reading that right?


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